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Revitalize Your Relationship

Jul 31, 2018

You already know that self-care is important to your health and well-being but if you are a parent I want to INSIST that you start taking this stuff seriously.

This is a super fun episode that includes some of my current must have self-care rituals and routines.

PLUS I have a fun little bonus for you in this episode...

Jul 24, 2018

What makes a great relationship?

Some people think it is sizzling chemistry, others say it is about shared values and mutual understanding.

Today I want to offer a few ingredients that you MUST have in order to have an amazing partnership. 

Whether you are single and looking for love or are in a relationship you wish...

Jul 17, 2018

Today it's all about how to recalibrate after you lose it.

I created a whole lot of drama after a road incident.

Luckily, I was able to coach myself out of near mania and into a space where now I not only have compassion for the other person in the situation but I also have compassion for myself (despite how I felt...

Jul 10, 2018

Today's episode is a little different. It is for Wellness-preneurs. If you are a yoga teacher, life coach, massage therapist or work as a wellness practitioner there are six areas you need to have a handle on in order to be successful and fulfilled both in your business and your personal life.

Tune in and if you are...

Jul 3, 2018

Mom's put pressure on themselves in many ways. In this episode I share how my own feelings of guilt prevented me from enjoying my own space and how a coaching session has helped me begin to deal with it.

This episode is all about seeing feelings of guilt and thoughts like "I should be doing more with my kids" might not...