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Revitalize Your Relationship

Oct 30, 2018

Its been a big few weeks around here and as I start to focus my work more on coaching I have had a LOT of mixed reviews.

So first, a big thank you to those of you who have reached out and left me a positive review on iTunes because each time you do it makes my day!

This episode is all about how to find something purposeful in your life and sticking to it even if you don't have a big cheering section or any support at all.

I share my personal insights and some practical things you can do to stick to your goals.

You will learn:

- why the thought "It wasn't meant to be" is poison when it comes to achieving your goals

- why trying to work on ten different goals almost never works

- how to get clear on your purpose and start to work on your goals 

- why "acting differently" without thinking differently almost never helps you achieve a goal

- how to outsmart your doubts

So pick a goal, and go through the exercise I offer you in this episode. And if you are ready to create a plan to make it happen, book a free 20 minute strategy session with me at:

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