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Revitalize Your Relationship

Oct 30, 2018

Its been a big few weeks around here and as I start to focus my work more on coaching I have had a LOT of mixed reviews.

So first, a big thank you to those of you who have reached out and left me a positive review on iTunes because each time you do it makes my day!

This episode is all about how to find something...

Oct 23, 2018

Today I want to take you through my own work around what it looks like to "be yourself".

In this episode I will share some deep concepts around:

- what it means to "be authentic" and why sometimes its not a good idea to respond that way

- how some people use "authenticity" as an excuse to be negative

- how thought work...

Oct 16, 2018

Today is a GOOD one.

If you are in a relationship chances are and your partner do not see eye to eye on at least a few things.

For my community, the top three things they argue about are: sex, money and Household chores.

In this episode I want to give you some concepts to help you:

  •  ease the tension in your...

Oct 9, 2018

Going easy on yourself doesn't sound like a path to your goals, but today I want to clear a few things up.

If you are someone who pushes yourself to the point of exhaustion and then falls short on your goals, this episode is for you.

In it I will share:

-how you can develop and stretch yourself without being mean...

Oct 2, 2018

"Freedom" and "Commitment" are concepts that don't sound like they go together but they absolutely can.

This week is taking the ideas about how to create a dream relationship (last week's episode) one step further.

In this episode you will learn:

- how to feel like you and your partner are on the same team

- why your...